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Administrative assistance

Conceived as a genuine support to your venture on implementation, installation and operation phases of the company in Africa, M&H Consulting Africa's administrative assistance is designed to provide relevant, useful services and information for investors and managers to help them make decisions for the success of the business. Our support includes:

Market research studies

Collection of statistical and historical data

Conducting surveys

Advice on investment opportunities

Company domiciliation

Prospecting for business premises

Land purchases

Storage and archiving of administrative documents

Professional networking

Search for business partners

Recruitment of the company's staff

Provision of personnel

Payroll agency - fiduciary

Agent and company representative service

Customer prospection

Legal assistance

Too often, foreign companies go on for "information fishing " to learn about the legislation applicable in the country chosen for investment. Little space is left beforehand, for reflection on the use or adaptation of existing legal forms of entities, on the importance of social and cultural practices but also on the correct application of the rules of good governance.

It is essential that your company is protected and legally covered in its negotiations to enter the market. M&H Consulting Africa assists you, with bilingual and experienced professionals in local law but also in international rules, for the analysis and drafting of the following:

Contracts and agreements in connection with the purchase and sale of companies or assets;

Drafting of articles of association followed by the creation of companies

Annual Legal Secretarial

Employment contracts, supplier/distributor contracts

Advice on the legal and tax consequences of restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, partial asset transfers, etc.

Legal structuring with inclusion of holding company

Enforcement of Data Privacy rules


Tax Assistance

There has never been a better opportunity to penetrate the African market than now. Indeed, we notice the opening of major projects and the important loans made by the World Bank, the FMI or other international organisations in Africa. However, the strengthening of the rules of globalisation has pushed many local governments to adopt an "aggressive" approach to taxation of profits or businesses in their territories.

M&H Consulting Africa, with our experienced partners, accompany you, and above all, guide you on the understanding and adaptability of taxation for a better use of African resources in the development of your activities. Our experts have the skills to assist you on:

Advice to companies on local and international taxation

Assistance with tax audits and litigation

Tax review of current years in advance of a tax audit

Preparation of corporate tax and social security returns and relevant tax compliance

Assistance in preparation of local transfer pricing documentation

Advice on tax consequences of financial flows and project financing

Analysis of the impact of international conventions or tax treaties

Advice to expatriates

Advice on the rules applicable in the mining and petroleum sector

Review and analysis of specific contract clauses (mining, oil, electricity)

Advice and assistance in the application of the investment code

Accounting & financial assistance

It is essential that a newly created company, in its investing or expanding phase, has the right partner to support its financial choices, management and investment decisions that will forge a solid foundation for its growth on African territory. In many cases, the heaviness of the local adminstrations paperwork, the lack of knowledge of the local regulations and cultural barriers are obstacles to the success of foreign companies in Africa.

M&H Consulting Africa offers you the years of experience of its experts, both in Europe and in Africa, in order to provide you with solutions adapted to your needs and throughout the operation of your company.

Focus on your core business, we take care of the rest !

We support you with the following services:

Setting up dashboards

Optimization of the company's profitability

Accounting maintenance and follow-up

Balance sheet analysis and income statement

Implementation and monitoring of cost accounting

Capital Asset Management

Organization of the archiving of the company's accounting documents

Analysis of the elderly customer balance

Collection service

Purchasing department

Payroll management

Implementation of adapted internal regulations

Implementation of personnel management procedures


Training Courses

The ever-changing and complex legislative environment in Africa and the governance and management requirements of foreign companies require both employees and managers to adapt their working environment. In order to provide a solution to this situation, M&H Consulting Africa and its network of partners, based on their experience in Europe and Africa, offer the following training courses :

On the applicable taxes

On labour law

On the legal role of administrators/leaders in French-speaking Africa

On Business English for staff and managers

On the management and organisation of personnel

On Excel

On the organisation of daily work

On time management

Project Management

For a better analysis of the environment for your project and a good mastery of its management tools, M&H Consulting Africa offers you the following services:

Definition of project objectives

Legal and tax analysis

Financial analysis

Analysis and monitoring of the deadlines for completion

Recruitment of relevant skilled professionals


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